Artist Bio Helen Beech

Born in Lancashire England 1972, Helen arrived in New Zealand on her first birthday and grew up in West Auckland. Art, Music and Sport in equal doses.

She attended Auckland Teachers College, where she realized she wanted to be an artist as much, if not more, than a teacher. Early influences included Philip Clairmont, Michael Smithers, Dean Buchanan, Claudia Pond Eyley and Hundertwasser.

After graduating Teachers College in 1993, there were children, many children, but always paint. Sometimes teaching, but mainly children and paint. While running the family music business there was more paint. Large works and murals were commissioned, paintings sold in art shows and various local exhibitions. Clients have included city councils, swimming complexes and schools, her paintings have been sent to Canada, USA and Scotland, as well as many towns and cities in New Zealand. There is even a piece of work in the Alan Gibbs collection.

Helen now lives in the Bay of Islands on a sunny hill overlooking the Kawakawa river.
Her work is bright and vibrant and reflects her deep gratitude for the beauty of New Zealand and her immediate  environment.

Thanks for taking the time to follow her story so far.

Artist Statement

Generous portions
of colourly love capture
epic blue sky memories

BeechFantailsatWenderholm 600kb