TreeSong SeaShore

So close now I can almost smell it.
TreeSong SeaShore   is my first solo show.
Opening  do is  Friday 24th November 5:30pm
Kings Theatre Creative  80 Gillies St Kawakawa
All welcome for wine and nibbles.
Large and small works.

The next couple of weeks are going to be very very busy. Catch me if you can.
Love to see you when the show opens, if you are passing through and the gallery isn’t open just give us a call and we can pop down and give you a guided tour.

Mānawa ArtScarf



A brand new ArtScarf design has arrived!
If you love the outdoors, especially the ocean you probably love mangroves too! With much happiness  I present to you Mānawa ArtScarf
200cm long and 30cm wide 100%silk, soft and floaty  and extra drapey.

The design is based on a  painting called Mangroves which was inspired by my magical early morning SUP board adventures down the Puhoi river to Wenderholm.

Cost is $65.00incGST and if you are in NZ this includes postage.
You might also like to check out  some of the other  ArtScarf designs,
they make wonderful gifts that are easy to send or carry overseas.

If you are keen to purchase you can contact me directly
or go to the shopping page thing here

If mangroves aren’t your thing there are some other great designs to
HarakekeTui, Pohutakawa and SeaThings

SeaThings and other paintings

These  new paintings are  ready to grace your walls and remind you of those blue sky summer days.
email for more details.


770mm x 770mm
Acrylic on canvas
Can you spot all 5 fish?



Acrylic on board
590mm diameter

910mm x 1220mm
Acrylic on Canvas


The Little Instagram Pod that Could #tliptc

I wanted to get this underway last week but, its taken
longer than I thought  it would (doesn’t everything). And also I wanted it to
be 100% perfect and so then I was too scared to really push it.
Sometimes I just have to lock my brain away in a soundproof box and sail forth.

So here is a rough idea of how a pod of instagrammers can hep each other boost their engagement.  I’m really interested to hear how it works for you, so please feel free to comment and link.
For me this is an opportunity to focus on one social media stream and really learn how to use it properly, I really want to get a better reach and help boost
other people too.  I kind of want to find out how well it will work if I really give it a good shove.

Post  once a day
When you post use the #nzartists and maybe the  #tliptc hashtag, so we can pick up any stray posts (plus any others you can think of)
and drop a message to the group using the DM function (there is a DM button below the photo once its been posted and from there your can choose the group NZ Artist instaPOD which you should already be linked to)  To be fair I’m  still figuring out the full capacity of  instagram DM’s.

If someone in the pod  posts – like their post and leave a message – preferably more than 4 words in the main instagram feed.   The sooner the better – for this week I have turned my notifications back on so I can pick them up quickly.
That might not suit everyone though.

Thus far we have the following pod people
Feel free to invite your other art friends to join us.

The Sewphist

Daily prompts – just in case you have a blank spot.

Who are you? A self-portrait or a shot of you working and a bit of a blurb.

A close up or detail of one of your recent works

A series of progress shots using the multiple photo option

A photo of you with a recent work/product you have finished

One of your favourite paintings/sketches or creations from the past

A group of work in series – you could use the multiple photo option or
just post them individually

Something close to home that inspires you – a landscape or a book or an animal…

A rough sketch or idea (if you are happy to show that) you have for a new work

An image from a collaborative or long term project you are working on.

Use Instagram Stories – For me this will be a challenge, Ive had a couple of goes at it but haven’t really learnt to drive it and I should. Here is a useful 
guide to mastering Instagram Stories

Good hash tags to include
#selfportrait  #artistofinstagram
#artistoninstagram  #artiststudio  #your medium
#nzart #newzealand   #progress  #newzealand

That’s it really – lets have some fun and meet some new people.
What could possibly go wrong?

Good Art Reads

Here are some good  ART reads.
Some to inform, some to entertain some to inspire.

The Bottichelli  Secret  By Marina Fiorato
The Girl in Hyacynth Blue By Susan Vreeland
The Girl With a Pearl Earing By Tracy Chevalier
The Lady and the Unicorn By Tracy Chevalier
The Creation of Eve By Lynn Cullen
Tulip Fever By Deborah Moggach
As above So Below: A Novel of Peter Bruegel by Rudy Rucker
Sunflowers By Cheramy Bundrick
The Painted Kiss   By Elizabeth Hickney
The Wayward Muse  By Elizabeth  Hickney
The Picture Maker By Penenakeen Spinka
Caravaggio  By Christopher Peachment
The Music Lesson By Katherine Weber
The Passion of Artmissa  By Susan Vreeland
Paint your Wife  By Lloyd Jones
Fugative Blue  By Claire Thomas
The Birth of Venus By  Sarah Dunant

The Artists Way By Julia Cameron
The Resurection of  Philip Clairmont By Martin Edmond (then go here for some PC telly)
Guernica  By Dave Boling
How To Look at a Painting  By Justin Paton
Art Galleries  to Visit in New Zealand  By Denis Robinson
Frida Kahlo Face to Face by Judy Chicago
Through the Flower  By Judy Chicago
Beyond the Flower By Judy Chicago
Seven Days in the the Art World By Sarah Thornton
33 Artists in 3 Acts  By Sarah Thornton
Seeing Ourselves women’s self-portraits  by Frances Borzello
Seraphine Pick by Felicity Milburn & Lara Strongman
The Artists 21 Practitioners in New Zealand Contemporary Art 2013 -2015
New Zealand Portraits by Richard Wolfe
Colour By Victoria Finlay

on my yet to read list…..
The Picture of Dorian Gray By Oscar Wilde
Stained Glass Summer by Mindy Hardwick
Diary by Chuck Palahniuk
Paint it Black By Janet Fitch
For the Love of Art By Janet Goodfriend
The Sidewalk Artist By Gina Buonaguro
My Name is Asher Lev By Chaim Potok
What I Loved By Siri Hustvedt
The Wild Wood  By Charles de Lint
The Collector  By John Fowles
The Painter from Shanghai By Jennifer Epstein
The Printmakers Daughter By Katherine Govier
The Tragic Muse By Henry James
My Name is Red By Orhan Pamuk
The Name of the Rose By Umberto Eco
Landscape With Fragmented Figures  By Jeff Vande Zande
The Burnt Orange Heresy By Charles Willeford
The Vivisector By Patrick White
Headlong By Micael Frayn
Spending By Mary Gordon
The Ground is Burning By Samuel Black
The Illuminator By Brenda Rickman Vandress

Jackson Pollock By Evelyn Toynton
Joseph Cornell Master of Dreams by Diane Waldman
Van Gogh’s Women by Derek Fell
Unexpected Journeys The Art and Life of Remedios Varo
Just Kids Pattie Smith

Art Movies

girl with the pearl earing

I didn’t do art history at school, actually I didn’t do art  classes either but none of this matters because of yay the internet and the library.

I haven’t quite watched them all yet,  it’s a work
in progress. Of the ones I have seen, I loved some, was challenged by others,
sometimes I  found myself in tears, or with my nose pressed up to the telly.
But each time  there were connections and questions or inspiration.

Frida Kahlo    2002     Frida Kahlo
Pollock  2000  Jackson Pollock
Girl With a Pearl Earring 2003  Vemeer
Vincent and Theo 1990 Vincent Van Gogh
Basquiat  1996  Jean-Michel Basquiat
Modigliani 2004 Amedeo Clemente Modigliani
Seraphine  2008 Séraphine Louis
Artemisia 1997  Artemisia Gentileschi
Caravaggio  1986 Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio
Klimt 2006 Klimt
My Left Foot 1989 Christy Brown
Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus 2006
The Horses Mouth 1958 Comedy
Carrington 1995 Dora Carrington
Miss Potter 2006 Beatrix Potter
The Cook, the Thief his wife and her  lover 1989
Exit Through the Gift Shop 2010 Banksy
Bagdad Café (also known as Out of Rosenheim) 1987  Comedy
The Wolf at the Door  1986 Paul Gauguin
Waiting for Hockney 2008
Mr Turner 2015
Woman in Gold 2015 Klimt
Gerhard Richter Painting 2011
Night Watching 2007  Rembrandt


Documentaries and Mini Series
The Impressionists BBC – loved it!
Palin on Art  Hammershoi – Anne Redpath – The Scottish Colourists
Apples Pear Paint
The Big Picture
Grayson Perry – All in The Best Possible Taste
James McNeill Whistler: The Case for Beauty 2014

help me make this list longer…

#100Daysprojectnz 2017

Settling a Score
Make something with a  sheet of music everyday
starting May 22

This is the third time I have done the 100daysproject

The 100daysprojectnz was started by Graphic Designer  Emma Rogan
in 2011, and each year hundreds of people choose one thing to do everyday for 100days, and they post the result to the 100days website.

I love how mad I get at the process, and the waiting game, waiting for the penny to drop,  waiting to get it, waiting for a breakthrough.
You just never know. The only thing you can control is turning up everyday.





These images were corrupted using a DAW or music sequencer called Audacity.
Its an interesting way to databend,  especially if like me, you love music technology  almost as much as you like art.
There was a fair bit of trial and error, it’s easy enough to get a picture file to open  in the sequencer, and to apply the audio effects (even if you cant see what they will  look like) but  harder to get the  altered file to open as a picture again.

You can see  how the different effects change the image  in the pictures below.
This is the basic process

Save File as TIFF.

Import in Audacity as Raw Data.

Select a Time Slice.

Apply a Sound Effect to Databend Your Image.

Export the Databended Image.

In Photoshop Elements, Open in Camera Raw.

There are links to the resources I used to research and  get the process to work
at the bottom of the this post.

clean warbler

Clean Bird. This is the original image imported into Audacity

clean warbler444 wahwah

Wah Wah effect


Messing with the equalizer settings


Inverse Pitch Compress


Cut and Paste


Equalizer cut and paste

Further reading