These images were corrupted using a DAW or music sequencer called Audacity.
Its an interesting way to databend,  especially if like me, you love music technology  almost as much as you like art.
There was a fair bit of trial and error, it’s easy enough to get a picture file to open  in the sequencer, and to apply the audio effects (even if you cant see what they will  look like) but  harder to get the  altered file to open as a picture again.

You can see  how the different effects change the image  in the pictures below.
This is the basic process

Save File as TIFF.

Import in Audacity as Raw Data.

Select a Time Slice.

Apply a Sound Effect to Databend Your Image.

Export the Databended Image.

In Photoshop Elements, Open in Camera Raw.

There are links to the resources I used to research and  get the process to work
at the bottom of the this post.

clean warbler

Clean Bird. This is the original image imported into Audacity

clean warbler444 wahwah

Wah Wah effect


Messing with the equalizer settings


Inverse Pitch Compress


Cut and Paste


Equalizer cut and paste

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