The Little Instagram Pod that Could #tliptc

I wanted to get this underway last week but, its taken
longer than I thought  it would (doesn’t everything). And also I wanted it to
be 100% perfect and so then I was too scared to really push it.
Sometimes I just have to lock my brain away in a soundproof box and sail forth.

So here is a rough idea of how a pod of instagrammers can hep each other boost their engagement.  I’m really interested to hear how it works for you, so please feel free to comment and link.
For me this is an opportunity to focus on one social media stream and really learn how to use it properly, I really want to get a better reach and help boost
other people too.  I kind of want to find out how well it will work if I really give it a good shove.

Post  once a day
When you post use the #nzartists and maybe the  #tliptc hashtag, so we can pick up any stray posts (plus any others you can think of)
and drop a message to the group using the DM function (there is a DM button below the photo once its been posted and from there your can choose the group NZ Artist instaPOD which you should already be linked to)  To be fair I’m  still figuring out the full capacity of  instagram DM’s.

If someone in the pod  posts – like their post and leave a message – preferably more than 4 words in the main instagram feed.   The sooner the better – for this week I have turned my notifications back on so I can pick them up quickly.
That might not suit everyone though.

Thus far we have the following pod people
Feel free to invite your other art friends to join us.

The Sewphist

Daily prompts – just in case you have a blank spot.

Who are you? A self-portrait or a shot of you working and a bit of a blurb.

A close up or detail of one of your recent works

A series of progress shots using the multiple photo option

A photo of you with a recent work/product you have finished

One of your favourite paintings/sketches or creations from the past

A group of work in series – you could use the multiple photo option or
just post them individually

Something close to home that inspires you – a landscape or a book or an animal…

A rough sketch or idea (if you are happy to show that) you have for a new work

An image from a collaborative or long term project you are working on.

Use Instagram Stories – For me this will be a challenge, Ive had a couple of goes at it but haven’t really learnt to drive it and I should. Here is a useful 
guide to mastering Instagram Stories

Good hash tags to include
#selfportrait  #artistofinstagram
#artistoninstagram  #artiststudio  #your medium
#nzart #newzealand   #progress  #newzealand

That’s it really – lets have some fun and meet some new people.
What could possibly go wrong?